Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hey Check out the illustrators partnership link on my page here (its under the cool illustrators links) and send a letter to the senators about the orphan act its a messed up bill that will take the copy right protection away from artists and let anyone infringe on the copy right without any real penalty. the link to the letter is on the main page and i think it is a good idea for artist to let the government know its a bad idea.

also you can check out Marcelo Vignali's blog (its under the same illustrators links as the partnership) there is a massive debate going on over there about the orphan act and its really interesting, check it out

Saturday, May 3, 2008

more BFA stuff

here are some images from my senior show. a few CD designs and a poster. Static-X was one of my favorite posters to work on. It was a lot looser than the other posters and it was a lot of fun to paint so fast and not so refined as the other posters in my show.