Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm not one who usually goes for non-objective art, but here it goes. Jackson Pollock's art is superior to many other artists of the same genres. Notice how Pollock's composition keeps your eye on the page while Pron's paintings composition leads your eye directly off of the image. we loose interest looking at Pron's painting Pollock's keeps the viewers interest much better. Pollock also has more finness with the color pallet, it is much more sophisticated. Pron seems to use colors directly from the tube so to speak.

On this image, My teacher actually was making a point with some of the non-objective abstract paintings created during the modernist movement. 
the bottom image is actually by Pollock while the top image is actually a photograph of my teachers painting overalls.

this is very funny because it made a great point, you can argue the superiority of any non objective painting because it is completely subjective to the viewers interpretation. 
No one in the class realized that the top painting wan't by Pollock.  and these were highly educated Master Level students. 
This proves to me that without rules, and without an idea of what good art is. we are left with crap art. 
We need a standard of excellence, we need critiques and to learn what good art is...
Fine art is Dead.
Long live the Artisan (aka Art with a Purpose and level of skill, excellence and effort)