Saturday, July 5, 2008

Its been a while sense my last post I've been running all over since I've graduated. I've been playing around with friends and i went to visit family its been a lot of fun but I've not been on my computer much. I've been sketching some and painting a little. here is a new poster I have been working on. its been fun its not as refined as some of my posters but it was fun to do. I have been working on a new web site a lot lately too its almost done. hopefully I'll have the new website up and running sometime before next month Ive had my super-computer-friend-Larry helping me by writing all the code for the new site based on my design, thanks Larry. Ill have a new post when i finally get my new web site up so everyone can go over and see it.
but its not ready yet so you'll just see my old site if you go look now. the old site wasn't too bad but it was thrown together very quick so i would have something to show when i went to new York last summer. so now that ive had more time i hope the new site will look more professional