Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Writers of the future 25

hello everyone, so I went on an adventure the other week. I flew to hollywood stayed in a supper nice hotel, went to a sweet illustrator workshop with some of the most amazing illustrators in the science fiction field, met some amazing people, signed a bunch of books, and got an award to boot! sadly I didn't take a camera... but the photographer did!!..but she hasn't sent me the disk yet... BUT!... my sister had a camera and got some sweet pictures of the awards event and put them up on her blog so check her blog out (the link is below).. as soon as I get my pictures I will put some of them up and some videos probably, until then look at my sisters pics.

ok..the link isn't working..again... so click on the benannie link on my friends and family link part over on the left, or copy and past the address, sorry I'm not supper computer savvy ;)

oh! and also check out the blog of Galaxy press they have alot of cool things up there about the workshop last week
the address is

you can also get there by clicking on my link to the left L. Ron Hubbard, then on there site click on the blog.