Sunday, December 2, 2007


the cropped image was my original idea. but i decided to put in the full figure, i cant decide which works better.... my roommate wanted it to be cropped right next to her face on the edge, but i refused. dose it drive anyone else crazy when someone who has no visual eye or artistic background come to you and tell you that you need to do something that would look like crap? thats what he did, he had all these ideas "to really improve the picture" in his own words. the cropping wasn't the only suggestion but it was the least idiotic, and to top it all off i didn't even ask for the opinion or show him the image he just came up while i was working and started talking... drives me crazy.


David Theriault said...

Nice image Josh.
Out of the two above I like the second one better. It's just a nice image, and your not always drawn to the edge of the page like in the top one.
I also thought Dan had a good suggestion when he said to only show the cape. It would be a shame to crop out the entire girl, especially since it's a nicely drawn figure; but I think it could make it a stronger illustration in some ways. 1)It would make the Red-riding hood element a cool second-read, and 2)automatically eliminate any issues of having a figure scrunched against the side.

Danelle Prestwich said...

I hate it when people act like they know more about art than you do. I did a portrait for a guy in my ward once and he kept on giving me awful suggestions and then he would say, “I’ve taken an engineering design class before so I know a lot about design…blah, blah, blah.” I have a small hunch an art major would have taken more than just one class that dealt with design, and therefore knows a bit more about it.
Anyway, it’s a really good painting regardless of what your roommate might have said. Dave has some good points about cropping it, but either way it's a nice image.