Friday, September 26, 2008

I don't know Ann, Harry potter would make a crap load of money no matter when it was released and I think that part of the reason they moved the release date was the fear that the Vampire movie would take some viewers away from the 6th movie of Harry. but I'm with you, they most likely felt the movie would do better in the summer...crazy greedy people...don't they know I want to watch it now??...anyhoo here is another painting, I was real pleased with the border I think it turned out kinda cool. the writing on the scroll says "the deeds of the saints 7" in Latin, I liked the way it sounded so i put it on.


Audrey El Fry said...

Thats a sweet border. I really like the way you put it!

Danelle Prestwich said...

I love this painting!