Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hey look a new poster! its been on my web site for a little while but it was the only new image i had saved and ready for the internet..all the others i have finished aren't saved with the right resolution...but anyway...who is fed up with the news on TV? i know i am... the media is supposed to be non-bi-est (just tell us whats happening) but are they?....NO! do they say anything about the two wars we are in right now? or how the people in wall street are using the taxpayer bail out to give themselves Massive bonuses and parties? nope they are too concerned with how much the want-a-be vice presidents new wardrobe costs (which is a ridiculous amount of money) but who cares? they don't mention how Obama is connected with radical socialists or how he gave 800 thousand dollars to Acorn the corrupt company charged with voter fraud or give McCain any coverage at all? nope... lets report on Sarah Palins' firing of a corrupt trooper and her daughters baby and we'll put a negative spin on it.. the good news it both candidates are getting equal coverage but the bad news is the bias of the media is horribly one sided when it comes to positive and negative spin...I'm not endorsing ether of them running for president, but it is funny how the media is focusing on the vice president and all the negative and difficult questions she has had to answer on one side and not asking them to the presidential runner on the other who i feel most likely couldn't answer them any better for the same reason.. lack of experience...and lets not talk about McCain at all..its almost like the presidential race is Obama vs. Palin not McCain. the Media is Ridiculous and frustrating.


Audrey El Fry said...

Thats pretty awesome! I really like the colors and you've done yet another amazing job of designing the surrounding area.
Sweet stuff!

Oh, and by the way...I totally agree with you on the media thing. I hate the media...

Tinklemeyer said...'s a little too late for my comment but you're right. One of my friends said she was going to vote for Obama because he had a more "Christ-like" campaign. well who has to fight dirty when the media does it all for you? Did you hear MSNBC has changed its slogan? Yeah it's now "The Power of Change" good thing there is no bias in the media. BY THE WAY! Awesome stuff you're doing. I think I'll paint today so I don't feel totally inferior to you.