Sunday, December 14, 2008

moose moose

Its a Moose! I painted this one for my friend Nate so he could give it to his family for Christmas. I hope none of them read my blog, jk, I hope everyone looks at it :)


Annie said...

you need to put Zoe's pictures up...iknow,Iknow, I'm not supposed to know about them yet. But still...I like them. :)

Mark McKenna said...


Things are going well. The book I was working on for the last class we had is now published, that's pretty cool. And I just got a job for the Friend Magazine. It helps with the bills. Other than that I'm finishing up a couple finished pics from my book dummy and then I'm hoping to push that with a few publishers. We'll see. Good luck with everything man! You'll have to let me know how it goes!

James L Johnson said...

Love this one! And the whole blog looks great. I really again think that once you "hit it" (the market) it's definitely going to notice. You seem to have a distinctive and consistent style that I think caters to a lot of what people to day are looking for. Later!