Friday, April 10, 2009

hi everybody. I made it into the society of illustrators student compition again this year! its the third year in a row for me so I was very exited! this will also be the last year because I am now graduated and no longer a student.(I guess ill have to try to be a profesonal now).. the peice that made it into the show this year was one of the last peces i completed as a student, and was an experimental poster based on the idea of little red ridding hood, it didnt fit in with the rest of the posters I had been working on because it wasn't music inspired, but it was a fun little "side road" with the poster kick i was on for the last year of my schooling. here is the link so you can go to the Society web site and check it out along with the other sweet student work that made it into the show this year.

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Casey Stadler said...

I saw your poster for the SoI student show. It's totally awesome as usual.