Thursday, October 8, 2009

what the?!?....

Hahaha this is crazy but right after I put the last post up I got a message from a role playing-gaming company. it wasn't about the post but it was saying they liked my stuff and would be willing to "give me a shot once and a while," (doing images for them) in the message he stated that gaming industry is a rough industry to work, they don't pay well and they don't send the checks owed to there free lancers in a timely manner!!!
what kind of a crazy introduction is that?!?!? "Hi,I'm so&so...we don't pay well and you have to keep bugging us to get the little bit of money owed you..."
he then went on to say that most people work out of passion for games and asked me "what reason do you have for working in the game industry?" I sent a message back and I don't think he is going to contact me again... In my Message back I stated that I like the Images assigned to me by the gaming industry, they are really cool concepts most of the time. I then went on to ask why they payed so little, and I stated that they should send there checks out to the artist in a more timely manner, and this would benefit all parties involved. The Illustrators would get there money, and the company would gain a good reputation with everyone for sending the money out on time. sending there checks out would also attract new and possibly better illustrators... So I think I lost a client...I'll let you know if he ever writes back

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Evan said...

Shit, man. That sucks. ONCE, I did work in exchange for copies of a publication and resume material. Once. Because I just started college and it wasn't for new work. Just to use some pieces I'd already done in their RPG book.

I'm always amazed at this trend in Craigslistings these days to offer "interns" or "students" work and then require the level of experience that should net you thousands of bucks a year.

"Good grief!" as Charlie Brown would say.