Thursday, November 12, 2015

Character Design Silhouette Shapes

Here we go this is the first post about some of my process and how I go about working out different aspects of my art, the first step in my character design process. we start off with rough silhouette shapes, focusing on overall shape and having a rough idea of where I want the character to go in the end.
I usually start off with a sketch book and a Sharpie marker, work out some ideas fast not worrying too much about the small details. those will come latter. From there I take them into Photoshop. It is also an option to use a tracer light box or tracing paper to refine the ideas.
So I took my favorites and refined them some filled them in and added a few areas that could be fine details. I showed them to a few people (fellow artists or art director) and got some feedback. these below are based on the feedback received. I have the originals above and the revisions below in this next image… so you can see the changes.
At this point you usually turn them in again to show the art director or client, depending on what they want. When a silhouette is picked I move forward with that direction. As a good side note, I strongly suggest you never turn in anything you don't love or would like to see finished. It has been my experience, if I ever turn in a design or sketch I didn't like that would be the sketch chosen every time. so Make sure you like what your making and never submit something you hate. I'll post the next step in for the characters next.

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