Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey! I did this image for a competition, the Left Hand Of God, Poster contest,(at the winner of the competition would get their image used with the promotion of Penguin's new Book the book Left Hand of God, and get some sweet money and books..ect... the contest was one of those contests where the public votes on their favorite, and I was the last person to upload. so I didn't get any votes (sad day) because I was too late. and the Voting didn't continue past the deadline. how stupid is that? well anyway I got a good image out of it. and I like to tell my self I would have won if the voting lasted longer.


Annie said...

I would have voted for you!!

Jonathan said...

It's great! Sorry to hear you didn't even get to have the picture voted on in the contest.

I feel the same way about contests: if I win or place, fantastic! If I don't, I get a good picture and/or a good 3d model out of it, and I had fun. Sometimes it will present a new artistic challenge and is a great learning opportunity, too.