Monday, July 12, 2010

Jonathan Fesmire MFA project

hey Everyone, the past month or so I have been working with my friend Jon Fesmire helping him with his MFA project, I have been doing concept images and sketches for the characters, environments and story Jon came up with.
this is a link to youtube where Jon is going to be posting his video logs and step by step progress of his Masters project. Jon's project is to render 3D models in a realistic way so he can eventually get hired on with a great movie studio doing the same thing for Movies! You know the kind, like Hellboy or Iron man, where you have a character in the movie that looks real but never existed, Half the monsters in Hellboy 2 are done in the same way Jon's project is.
Jon's Project is a fun one, with undead Zombie like gunslingers, a genius mechanical inventor/Saloon Madam with a giant robot, and a Steam punk Coyote. Real fun stuff for an artist like me to draw and paint.

here is the link to Jon's Master thesis blog where he tells more about his project

and here is the address to Jon's Diviant Art site where he puts all the drawings for his project.

Please check it out, it would be worth it

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